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Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Reactor Systems Engineer - Direct Hire Authority

Architecture and Engineering


$106,823.00 - $138,868.00



Bethesda, Maryland, United States

These positions are located in the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Division of Safety Systems: Nuclear Methods, Systems and New Reactors Branch; Nuclear Systems Performance Branch; Nuclear Methods and Fuel Analysis. Supervisors are Rebecca Patton, Scott Krepel, and Bob Lukes, respectively.

Division of Advanced Reactors and NPUF: Technical Branch 1 and 2. Supervisors are Michelle Hayes and Candace de Messieres, respectively.

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Clarification from the agency

DIRECT HIRE AUTHORITY: These positions are being filled using Direct-Hire Authority. This is an OPEN UNTIL FILLED ANNOUNCEMENT. It will be used to fill positions as vacancies occur. Over the course of the open period, applications will be reviewed and referred for positions as they become available. The first set of applications will be reviewed and made available for referral on/about May 4, 2022. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to apply early to receive the broadest consideration.

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As a Reactor Systems Engineer in NRR’s Division of Advanced Reactors and Non-power Production and Utilization Facilities or Division of Safety Systems, you will be responsible for the following pertaining to operating or new light-water or non-light-water power or non-power production or utilization facility applications:

  1. Reviewing and evaluating design, process design parameters, and performance of reactor systems and nuclear fuel designs, including fuel performance, thermal hydraulic, and reactivity phenomena under steady-state, transient and accident conditions for licensing basis events.
  2. Conducting reactor systems confirmatory analyses.
  3. Reviewing and evaluating policy issues related to reactor systems methodologies and requirements for proposed designs.
  4. Preparing safety evaluation reports, audit reports, and other documentation.
  5. Presenting results of evaluations to internal and external stakeholders (e.g., NRC Commission, NRC Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards, NRC Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel, international regulatory counterparts, industry and non-governmental organization representatives, the public).
  6. Performing technical audits related to reactor systems performance and licensing basis event evaluation.