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Norfolk, Virginia, United States

Job Description Position Summary:

The Pipe Shop Mechanic performs a variety of skilled mechanical duties involving general fitting piping systems on vessels, burning/brazing, testing and sketching piping systems. The Mechanic operates equipment for assembly and installation; performs preventative and predictive maintenance on facility machinery; records work performed and follows specified safety policies and procedures.

Key Responsibilities & Functional Knowledge:

This list is representative of the key areas of responsibility and functional knowledge required of a pipefitter in the Pipe shop. A third class mechanic must demonstrate a developing knowledge of the skills, functional knowledge and abilities required to perform tasks in these and related areas of responsibility.

Developing knowledge means that the mechanic understands how to perform tasks in these categories (including, but not limited to, the specific tasks identified below) and is able to complete them with regular assistance. This also means that the mechanic has the necessary level of knowledge of the equipment, protective gear, and machinery required to complete these tasks. In some cases, as specified, the third class mechanic is expected to assist, rather than completing the task independently.

  • General Pipefitting
    • Complete a sketch sheet (P-1, P-2, P-3, P-13, P-14, P-15, P-16, P-17, P-68, P-69, P-71, P-72, p-3B and tolerances)
    • Read and interpret advanced blue prints
    • Know the basic tools required and their uses
    • Identification of piping by class, schedule, size and the systems in which they are used.
    • Identification of various gaskets and fasteners and the systems they are used on
    • Be familiar with types of bevels, types of backing rings, consumable inserts (E/B ring), open roots, saddles, miters, tolerances
    • Assist with Docking Plug Removal and Installation
    • Assist with Gas freeing- Preserving of Internal Structures
    • Assist with Chlorination of CHT and Potable Water Systems
    • Assist with Hydrostatic Testing
    • Assist with Standard Operating Procedure for shop Hydrostatic Test Stand
  • Hydraulic Benders : Greenlee Bender
    • Operate, set up and provide maintenance on the benders
    • Familiar with the tools to use to properly assemble the bender
    • Demonstrate ability to lay out a bend and figure angles
    • Pre-Op Log/Test to ensure that the bench/pedestal unit is set up safely
    • Bench/Pedestal Grinders
      • Operate the grinder
      • Assist with putting bevels on pipes and grinding pipes with the grinder machine
      • Pre-Op Log/Test to ensure that the bench/pedestal unit is set up safely
    • Standing Drill Press
      • Operate small jobs
      • Maintain the drill press
      • Pre-Op Log/Test to ensure that the bench/pedestal unit is set up safely
    • Target work/Tack Welding
      • Perform target work for piping systems by taking an existing sample of an old piping system to make a new piping system
      • Know which standard pipefitting tools are required
    • Burn
      • Burn pipe using the cutting torch
    • Brazing
      • Know the oxy acetylene process
        • Perform a fuel set up
        • Know operations of gas welding
        • Secure the rig/gas hoses
      • Be familiar with the various types of materials brazed
      • Working towards completing a brazing qualification in house exam administered by QA
    • Material Identification –
      • Must be able to identify and procure needed materials
Required Education, Experience, & Skills Minimum education requirements: High school diploma/GED
Minimum relevant experience: 2 to 4 yrs.

Practical Theory Requirements:

A pipe shop mechanic must be trained on the NAVSEA Standard Items that are applicable to the pipefitter trade and demonstrate a developing understanding of bevels, types of backing rings, consumable inserts (E/B ring), open roots, saddles, miters and tolerances.

A written test by the manufacturer and the government must be taken and passed in order to be fully trained on Lokring.

Other Requirements:
  • Must be able to read, write and comprehend simple instructions
  • Must be able to apply common sense understanding to carry out instructions in written, oral or diagram form
  • Must be able to calculate and understand units of measure, including fractions and decimals
  • Must know how to measure using a scale and tape measure
  • Must be able to wear applicable PPE (Hard hat, safety goggles, gloves, steel toes shoes, ear protection)

This description does not include all activities, duties or responsibilities required for this position. The key duties, responsibilities and requirements identified in this description are subject to modification by the Company (in consultation with the Union, as appropriate) at any timePreferred Education, Experience, & Skills Preferred but not required (based on business need)
  • Swedge Lock – Mech. Fittings
    • Tube Fittings
    • Connect tubing
    • Know different tubing sizes and the connection to different tubes
    • Use the correct swedge lock based on the material (steel, copper, copper nickel, stainless steel, etc.)
    • Lokring
      • Ensure that lokrings are performed in accordance with the standard NAVSEA procedure
      • A written test by the manufacturer and the government must be taken and passed in order to be fully trained
    • Band saw
      • Operate and maintain band saw
      • Know which speeds to use based on the material used
    • Plasma
      • Set up and operate the plasma machine
    • Tie Knots
    • Brazing
      • Braze and cut pipe using the Grade 3 3 brazing qualification.
    • Flex Hose
      • Know flex hose basics
    • Assist with manufacturing hoses with flex hose equipment, when trained and certified
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