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PRA Health Sciences

Physician Assistant (Nurse Practitioner) (PHYSI003815)

Healthcare Practitioners and Technical

Nurse Practitioner



Silver Spring, Maryland, United States


Reasonable Accommodation Statement:

To accomplish this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform, with or without reasonable accommodation, each essential function satisfactorily. Reasonable accommodations may be made to help enable qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  1. The contractor shall conduct medically relevant components of volunteer screening (to include but not limited to medical history intake, medical examination, EKG, blood draws, vital signs).
  2. The contractor shall determine volunteer medical fitness to participate (to include, but not limited to, determining medical relevance of medical history / medical examination, interpreting EKG, interpreting blood / urine test results).
  3. The contractor shall administer study test article as outlined in protocol.
  4. The contractor shall monitor volunteer health status throughout study conduct (to include, but not limited to, periodic review of vital signs, monitoring for adverse events [AEs] and determination of AE relationship to study product, determining volunteer medical fitness to continue participation in study).
  5. The contractor shall determine volunteer medical fitness for release from study (to include, but not limited to, brief end-of-study medical examination, interpretation of vital signs, and interpretation of unresolved AEs).
  6. The contractor shall provide continued monitoring of volunteer AEs through resolution. The contractor shall report all medically relevant events as required by protocol and/or applicable guidelines, regulations, etc.
  7. The contractor shall provide study-related medical expertise/knowledge to other staff in the branch as needed.
  8. The contractor shall, if required by the WRAIR Commander and/or by applicable laws/regulations, work under the supervision of a licensed physician, in which case a delegation agreement between the licensed physician and the PA / NP will be executed.
  9. The contractor shall participate in all required training and maintain up-to-date certifications, credentialing, etc.
  10. The contractor must be physically able to conduct medical examinations, draw blood, administer test article, and administer medical care as needed.
  11. The contractor shall be capable of prolonged periods of bending, moving about, standing, reaching and sitting. The contractor shall be capable of light lifting and moving of equipment.
  12. The contractor shall be capable of interacting with research volunteers.
  13. The contractor shall be able to remain alert during night shifts. During study execution periods, the contractor will be required to heed to both overnight and weekend work schedules based on operational and business needs (to include overnights and weekends during study execution). The COR will provide the contractor advance notice (a minimum of 5 working days) in the event evening and/or weekend support is required.
  14. The contractor shall be physically able to handle laboratory equipment, chemicals and/or hazardous biological material.
  15. The contractor may be exposed to blood borne pathogens, chemical fumes, and other hazardous agents.
  16. The contractor must provide his/her own transportation to/from work site location during both regular daytime hours and during nighttime/weekend work hours.
  17. Maintain a safe workplace ensuring that he/she is aware of and observes appropriate safety and occupational health rules and regulations. Employee is required to attend safety training relative to his/her position and report any infractions of safety procedures to the facility Safety Officer.
  18. Perform light duties and other related duties as required and assigned.

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