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An LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace bolsters employee retention and the bottom line, such as improved financial performance, innovation, attrition, and a more engaged workforce. The U.S. economy could save $9 billion annually if organizations were more effective at implementing diversity and inclusion policies for LGBTQ+ staff. By building a community dedicated to LGBTQ+ we can increase awareness of obstacles and create education-based resources to enhance employer LGBTQ+ implications in the workplace.

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Too many job sites fail to get key culture initiatives to ensure that the employers they are working with are truly cultivating an environment where talent that identifies as LGBTQ+ can thrive. At Getting Hired, we get it.

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While 5.1% of American women and 3.9% of men are LGBTQ+, LGBTQ+ women hold only 0.6% of women-held senior VP/C-suite jobs, and LGBTQ+ men hold only 2.9% of senior VP/C-suite jobs held by men. More than 40% of lesbian, gay, and bisexual people and almost 90% of transgender people have experienced employment discrimination, harassment or mistreatment. A well-managed diverse workforce will both sustain innovation, reduce costs and generate greater employee retention.

Mental well-being and the LGBTQ community

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